Manage the way your business moves.

Easy to read maps on the mobile app

Vehicle Location and Diagnostics

View vehicle locations in real time while getting alerts on things like oil life, fuel efficiency and preventive maintenance schedules to avoid costly downtime.

Driver Performance Insights

Provides business owners and fleet managers with driver information and real-time alerts. Facets of driver data are collected and organized from sudden acceleration or hard braking, speed violations, how long vehicles remain in locations, and notifications when it crosses a customizable boundary that can be as small as a parking lot or as large as a country.

Trip Summaries

Record and reference trip histories across your fleet, and find efficiencies in your routing. Consider more than traffic, and keep track of how your fleet moves over time.

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No long-term contract
Pay month to month
Scalable for any fleet size

OnStar Vehicle Insights: Terms apply. Available on select properly equipped 2015 model year and newer GM vehicles (excludes Volt, Low Cab Forward trucks, and GM vehicles built without OnStar hardware, which includes, but is not limited to, select base Chevrolet and GMC trucks). Requires an active connected vehicle services plan. Fees, services and availability subject to change without notice. Applicable taxes not included. Does not include emergency or security services. Diagnostic capabilities vary by vehicle model. Not all issues with deliver alerts. See for details and limitations.